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“It is your fate to be the greatest king Camelot has ever known.”

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    • merlin series 1: gotta keep my magic secret cause i could die
    • merlin series 5: what the hell who cares just do stuff no one ever notices

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  • Every episode of Merlin

    • *magical happenings*
    • Arthur: Merlin I love you
    • Merlin: What?
    • Arthur: I said you are a useless servant I don't know why I put up with you
    • Gaius: advice that no one listens to
    • Arthur: Magic might be alright
    • Merlin: Arthur I love you
    • Arthur: What?
    • Merlin: I said you are a prat you have no friends I don't know why I put up with you
    • Uther: SORCERY
    • Morgana: evilevilevil
    • Arthur: omg magic sucks I can't believe I thought it was alright
    • Uther: diedie evil magic!
    • Arthur: I exile you!
    • Merlin: *saves the day and then gets shit for it*
    • Gwen: I'm pretty and I give advice that no one listens to
    • Merlin: Gwen go away get away from my Arthur
    • Gwen: What?
    • Merlin: I said you are my best friend I love you a lot
    • Merlin and Arthur: *laugh about something homosexual and pretend they're not in love*
    • Gaius: *makes Merlin eat something gross, more laughter*
    • Dragon: MERLINNNN

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Arthur: I do all the work, someone else gets all the praise.Merlin: Know the feeling.
Merlin Episodes → 2.02 - The Once And Future Queen

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